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Uniform FAQ

Siegeris Dance Uniform queries answered

All students attending classes must wear the required Siegeris Dance uniform.
Although dance is often a hobby rather than a potential career for lots of children, it is worth noting that the uniform can take centre stage.
Students should arrive at class wearing their uniform (Siegeris Dance onesie is the perfect cover). Dance shoes should be changed into at class and never worn outside as this ruins the soles/taps.
All uniform must be clearly named.

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Ready to go

Children are expected to come to class well-groomed and ready to dance and getting dressed in their uniform helps to get them in the right frame of mind. Long hair must be worn up in a bun, or a hair band can be used to keep it off the face.
The uniform also has other uses: it is comfortable and practical to move in and is also used to show a child’s skill level, as the garments and colours change with the grades.
Boys are usually expected to wear shorts accompanied by a t-shirt, socks and dance shoes, while girls will be asked to wear a leotard, skirt, tights or socks and dance shoes.

Best dressed feet

The shoes, made from leather, satin or canvas, are critically important. Dance shoes come in different sizes/styles/widths to everyday shoes, so ask the experts’ advice at The Ballet Boutique and make sure your child tries them on.
You may also be asked to buy ‘character shoes,’ in black fabric with a small heel, which are used for different styles of dance within the ballet syllabus.

Skill level

Children can begin classes at Siegeris Dance as early as two or three years old in toddler/pre school classes and they usually progress with their age group. Dance schools working to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) or Imperial Society of Teachers (ISTD) syllabus use a different coloured uniform for sets of grades, giving a sense of belonging and achievement.
Traditionally, boys’ uniforms are simple, with navy or black shorts and white or pale blue t-shirts. While girls begin with a lilac leotard and wrap-around skirt for Pre-Primary and Primary grades, moving on to marine blue, purple, mulberry leotards later on.