The influence of dance classes on child development


Childhood is a very sensitive stage of any person’s life. It is when we all learn everything there is to know about life. Motor skills, speech, cleverness, social skills – all of these aspects are shaped in our childhood, and how we spend our childhood directly influences all of them. Dancing classes can thus help improve the development of your child in numerous ways.

Improving motor skills

Dancing can help children gain better control of their bodies. By regularly coordinating their bodies with music and performing specific motions throughout the course of the class, they practice correct alignment, core control and balance in the process. They gain an incredible, new sense of spacial awareness, being more conscious not only of their own body, but also the bodies of others.

Social development

Socialising as a child can be difficult. Particularly in early childhood, when most of your socialisation has taken the form of interaction with parents. Suddenly being in a group and needing to get along with so many other children can be tough, but it does influence how you interact people later in life. In a regular setting, children can oftentimes be mean to each other, as they’re still working out how socialising works. In a dance class environment, however, it’s much easier to harmoniously interact with other children and learn peaceful communication strategies. Because the setting has different rules compared to that of a regular school and requires concentration on a given task, it not only teaches children how to cooperate, but it can actually even help create bonds with the other course attendees, teaching children the importance of making and maintaining friendships.


There have been many studies confirming that people are naturally creative, being drawn to music, dance, and the arts. Dancing can be a great creative stimulant, helping your child expand the limits of their imagination. It’s a means of expressing your feelings in a new, satisfying way, as well as teaching them about structure, pattern, rhyme, etc. Most importantly – it’s a pleasurable experience!”

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