Fun & easy Easter break activity ideas!

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The Easter break is such a fun time but it’s also 2.5 (sometimes) 3 weeks at home, with your children….& unpredictable English weather.

Look, we get it, so we’ve got some wonderful ideas for you today!

Keep your children entertained during the holidays with these fun, creative & dance based activities:

Siegeris Dance Pre Primary class

Tell a story & make a dance:

Even though with dance, we focus on technique, steps & form, at the core, dancers are storytellers! Why not get your children to tell a story & make a dance? Considering it is Easter, they could retell the Easter story through movement & mime. 

Here are some other fun themes they could use:

*Easter bunny delivering Easter eggs 

*The Easter bunny loses it’s basket

*The chick & the golden Easter egg

You could be surprised at how creative (& funny) your children can be! They can really get their creative minds going with costumes, movement & storytelling. If they have siblings or even friends over for a playdate, everyone can get involved. If the weather is nice, this is a fab activity to do in the garden, or even the local park. If the weather is dodgy (hello England) then this is equally as wonderful inside. 

Watch a dance production

There are many local theaters & establishments that put on special Easter performances during the school holidays & sometimes, they’re even free! Check with your local theater to see what they’ve got going on. Alternatively, there are many full length clips on Youtube of wonderful Ballet’s, especially the Tales of Beatrix Potter. The Royal Ballet actually have their own YouTube channel, which is a wonderful resource for watching clips (& sometimes) full length productions! We often forget that lot’s of children have never actually been to see a dance production, so it can be very helpful & often inspiring for them to see professional dancers performing. They might even recognise some of the steps from their own dance classes! If you’re local to the Wimbledon area, the Polka Theatre & Colour House Children’s Theatre usually have plenty going on. 

Practise your dance steps 

Of course, it is important for our students to have a break, but it might be a fun chance to get them to practise some of their dance steps! Again, this is an interchangeable activity for inside & outside. They could tip-toe around on their tippy toes pretending to be the Easter bunny delivering eggs quietly, practise hopping like a bunny on one leg or balancing like they’re holding a basket of precious golden eggs! You’d be surprised at just how that little bit of extra practise & encouragement at home can really help them with their dance classes. 

We hope these tips will help keep you all entertained!

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