Dance bag essentials & what to bring to class 

Students in their Tap dance class

Since we’re back after half term, we thought it would be fun to have a little refresh of what to bring to class and some dance bag essentials.

Siegeris Dance Ballet class

Let’s start with the obvious;


Wearing correct dance uniform is important for a couple of reasons;

  1. It actually helps you dance! You can’t be jumping around in ill fitting or baggy clothes! For example in Ballet, the leotard and tights are pretty form fitting to the body and there’s nothing loose or flapping about. This ensures that the ,oves can be done correctly with nothing getting in the way.

When Ballet students get to Grade 1 and above, they will learn Character Dance. For female dancers, students have to wear a character skirt and a pair of shoes with a very low heel. If students do not bring their correct uniform to each class, then they won’t be able to get used to dancing in these garments which are very different from the leotard, tights and flat Ballet shoes alone. 

  1. It helps your teacher teach you best. Observing the movement & mechanics of a student’s body is vital to teaching dance. If a student is not wearing the correct uniform, it makes it incredibly difficult to ensure proper technique & from is being used. Being able to see how a students body is moving, makes it easier for their teacher to give proper corrections and therefore resulting in further progression on a students dance journey.

Water & snacks  

We say snacks tentatively! We have some students who take multiple classes and so if this applies, please bring a healthy & nut free snack, such as a piece of fruit to class. 

Water is good for most students to bring to make sure that you stay hydrated during class, especially if it’s a warmer day, or you’re taking multiple classes. 


It is always a good idea to have extra hair products in a dancer’s bag. Spare bobby pins (which always have the unique ability to disappear at an alarming rate!) Light hair gel/wax, hair ties and bun nets are always a good thing to have backups of. A hairbrush or comb is wise too!

For our older students, an extra pair of tights is always sensible, as well as some sort of light jacket or hoodie to stay warm if there are short breaks during class.

A big smile & focused attitude! Yes, it sounds cheesy, but coming to class with a focussed attitude and a big smile makes a world of difference to the teacher, the whole class and the student. We truly believe that dance should be enjoyable for everyone and we really want to make sure that all our students are excited to come to class each week. 

We are so excited to have a wonderful rest of our Summer term! See you in class 🙂

Uniform card for Grades 1 & 2 Ballet

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