Ballet is not just for girls….

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story of Billy Elliot. The inspirational story of a low class, Northern boy defying the odds & taking the Ballet world by storm. When we think of Ballet, we think of graceful & effortless, light as air ladies on their tippy toes. Although women make up a large proportion of dancers, especially in Ballet, it is certainly not a ‘girl exclusive’ realm. 

Professional male dancer in our show

But Ballet is just for girls!

Male dancers are vitally important to every Ballet company. There is nothing quite like seeing a male dancer clearly with an incredible physique & display of strength & athleticism bounding around the stage. They make lifting one of the female dancers, look light as a feather & are never seemingly out of breath despite their numerous jumps & turns. The Pas de Deux in a Ballet is always breathtaking. The intricate relationship between the male & female dancer, perfectly balancing each other is a sight to behold. Male dancers are incredibly athletic, strong & bring an imposing presence to the stage. Although Ballet’s are silent & no words are spoken, none are really needed. We get everything we need from the opposing energies between male & female dancers & the communication of the movements from the stage! Ballet is most definitely not just for girls!

Our 10th anniversary show, Second Star to the Right

Did you know, there’s all male dance companies & shows?

Yes, you heard us right. Probably the most famous is Matthew Bourne’s ‘Swan Lake’, but the all male version. Athletic, strapping dancers in the best shape possible, commanding the stage telling one of the most romantic stories in the world of Ballet. Although the plot is slightly different than the traditional version of Swan Lake that we’ve come to know, this version revolves around a young crown prince, his distant mother, and his desire for freedom, represented by a swan.

It was the longest-running ballet in London’s West End, opening in 1995 at Saddlers Wells and on Broadway, an absolutely incredible achievement & milestone. 

Male students in our Ballet class

Male dancers are in high demand

It is no secret that the world of Ballet is mostly female orientated, but the necessity of having male dancers, makes them in high demand. Being incredibly good in your ‘niche’ and with supply outweighing demand, naturally leads to being sought after. 

In classes, it is more common than not for females to outweigh males, it just comes with the territory. However, if male dancers stay diligent to their craft, then can have a long & rewarding potentially global career on stage & in other endeavors such as directing, choreographing etc

Improved focus & concentration 

Although there is plenty of room for creative interpretation, Ballet is based mostly on repetition & the finessing of these movements. A dancer’s journey is never done! However, although this may sound boring to some, in reality it really helps with focus, self awareness & concentration. Having to focus & concentrate on the intricacy of the movement allows  little room for focus on anything else while in class. By being self aware of our bodies & mindful of the movements we are making, it can really help students become in tune with their bodies & minds, which can only ever be a good thing!

Physical strength cannot be denied  

Regardless of gender, all dancers have to have strength & stamina. However, there is a difference between male & female dancers. Females have to have more lightness, agility & grace to their movements. Male dancers have to command the stage with their display of athleticism, power, energy, ability to jump & lift. There is no doubt that training in Ballet class can help in other endeavors too. The commitment, strength & stamina it takes to dance, may make their other hobbies & endeavors feel like a piece of cake!

At Siegeris Dance, we are proud to have had a number of male students rise through our levels & classes. We are always welcoming of new students who would like to give Ballet a chance! Or, one of our other dance styles that we offer. We hope to see you in class. 

Siegeris Dance Ballet class

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