3 common Ballet myths…busted!


The world of Ballet can seem mysterious & even mythical to some. Beautiful, elegant dancers mysteriously balancing on their toes for entire shows & athletic male dancers galloping around the stage without seemingly taking a breath! Ballet takes an incredible amount of discipline, dedication, time & practice. Today, we’re busting some common Ballet myths:

Myth #1: Ballet is just for girls!

Usually, when we think of Ballet, we think of graceful & effortless, light as air ladies on their tippy toes. Although women make up a large proportion of dancers, especially in Ballet, it is certainly not a ‘girl exclusive’ realm. Male dancers are vitally important to every Ballet company. There is nothing quite like seeing a male dancer clearly with an incredible physique & display of strength & athleticism bounding around the stage. They make lifting one of the female dancers, look light as a feather & are never seemingly out of breath despite their numerous jumps & turns. The Pas de Deux in a Ballet is always breathtaking. The intricate relationship between the male & female dancer, perfectly balancing each other is a sight to behold. Male dancers are incredibly athletic, strong & bring an imposing presence to the stage. Although Ballet’s are silent & no words are spoken, none are really needed. We get everything we need from the opposing energies between male & female dancers & the communication of the movements from the stage! Ballet is most definitely not just for girls!

Boys in Ballet class wearing their uniform

Myth #2: Ballet Dancing is Boring

Although Ballet classes usually follow a set structure & it cannot be denied that repetition is the absolute key to developing as a dancer, Ballet in our eyes is far from boring. The amount of steps, terminology, music, styles & repertoire out there is almost endless. Attending Ballet class is an incredible foundation for other dance styles & indeed can instill foundations for life. Discipline, commitment, taking pride in one’s work, developing balance & musicality can propel students into many paths for life. The list goes on! 

Ballet is always evolving as new choreographers & composers work together to create new & innovative works of art. It can never really be boring, because it is never still & stagnant. Going to see a Ballet production for the first time, can be an absolutely thrilling experience. The costumes & sets alone are usually magnificent! There is a lot to keep your attention, listening to the music, watching the dancers do their miming moves, solos, Pas de Deux & full company dancer scenes. Not to mention the deep emotions that Ballet can portray & evoke within us. Nothing in a Ballet is obsolete. Everything has been meticulously choreographed & timed to portray an emotion or idea. This is a good reason in itself to go & see a Ballet production!

Ballet class can be so fun & rewarding!

Myth #3: Ballet can be very daunting

Starting anything new is daunting. Ballet is daunting, only if you think it is daunting! The truth is, our teachers at Siegeris Dance ( & most teachers) are very well trained to welcome new students & to make them feel at ease in their first few classes. Especially if children start Ballet class young, the first few levels are learning through active & creative play. Props & exciting lesson themes are used alongside fun music to teach the children. This is then built upon & refined as the children progress through the levels. We find that even the most shy children break out of their shell & feel involved in no time at all. Ballet is fun, inspiring, great exercise & can challenge children in a positive way. We are well aware that not every single child is going to go onto be a professional dancer, but taking that first Ballet class can be a wonderful stepping stone for so many life paths.

Our wonderful principal, Miss Jennifer getting exam students ready!

We hope we’ve dispelled some common myths about Ballet. We would love to see your child at one of our classes & we offer a FREE trial! We have so many classes, times & locations to chose from, so it’s easy to find a class that fits in your schedule. Follow the link on our website to sign up now!

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