Why we LOVE Tap & Modern & why your child will too!


At Siegeris Dance, we are so proud that we can offer so many styles & types of dance class to cater to all our students’ interests, levels & natural abilities. Although of course, we LOVE Ballet, we know that some students might be interested in another style of dance instead of Ballet, or to compliment it. 

On our teaching team we have the wonderful Miss Charlotte, who is our head of Tap & Modern.

Miss Charlotte has been with us since (almost) the beginning & is an incredibly valued member of our team. Miss Charlotte always brings such passion, fun & energy to her classes, along with a big smile! She is a fully qualified & highly experienced  ISTD teacher & teaches this globally recognised syllabus in her classes. 

Very briefly….

What is the ISTD & why is it important?

To be as brief & informative as possible, the ISTD stands for; Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

The ISTD is an international dance teaching and examination board based in London, England & formed in 1904. They have qualified teachers & hold exams all over the word (literally). The ISTD also has many dance styles that they offer exams & teaching qualifications for. 

They are, however, the leading Tap & Modern examination board & syllabus creator. All ISTD teachers have to undergo intensive, strict & thorough training in order to be qualified by them. This sets the standard for teaching & examinations across the world, no matter what country or language is spoken. 

This means that your child is getting the absolute best foundation & development in their Tap & Modern dance classes with Miss Charlotte at the helm!

Why do we love Tap & Modern?

There’s so many reasons, but here’s the top 5;

  1. You can actually HEAR the dance steps & results. We love Ballet, but it’s very…quiet. With Tap you can instantly hear the results of the moves & rhythms you are making. It can help students become very ‘involved’ in their own learning as they can physically hear it, repeat the sounds the teacher makes & repeat/finesse it. 
  2. Tap is like making music with your feet! There are so many different rhythms & sounds to make, that your own feet become a sound machine. There’s not much guess work with Tap…the sounds & moves are either right, or they’re wrong. This can be a fun challenge to be as accurate as possible. 
  3. Does your child have a lot of excess energy? Let them Tap it out! Tap is a great & fun way to burn some excess energy.
  4. You’re going to LOVE Miss Charlotte! She is always at class with a big, friendly smile on her face!
  5. Balance & coordination. These are wonderful skills for your child to develop & improve. Both Tap & Modern will help with these, in a fun & expressive way

Bonus reason

It’s just really fun & different. You never know, your child might have a natural gift & ability to move their feet a million times an hour & be the next legendary Tap dancer! 

Plus for Modern dance, there’s no shoes required as dancers are barefoot!

If your child currently takes one of our Ballet classes, or is looking at our classes & unsure what to try, we would really like to invite you to a FREE trial at one of our Tap or Modern classes. They can be such a fun & ‘pressure’ free introduction to dance as we know that sometimes Ballet can be a little intimidating. Although, our early Ballet classes are more like adventure & storytelling classes with our little ones! 

Miss Charlotte would love to see you in a class soon. It’s easy peasy to sign up for your free trial on the homepage of our website. 

Students in their Tap dance class

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