The Perfect Pairing: Back to School and Back to Dance


As summer draws to a close, the familiar buzz of excitement fills the air as children and parents prepare for the back-to-school season. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and the chance to engage in activities that foster growth and development. While academics undoubtedly play a crucial role in a child’s life, it’s equally important to recognise the invaluable benefits of extracurricular activities.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why having an outside school activity like dance is not only fun but also beneficial for young minds.

  1. Physical and Mental Well-Being:
    One of the primary advantages of participating in ballet or any other form of dance is the promotion of physical and mental well-being. In today’s digital age, where busy lifestyles prevail, children often spend excessive time in front of screens. Dance offers an excellent opportunity to counteract this by engaging in physical exercise that promotes flexibility, strength, and coordination. Regular ballet or dance classes improve cardiovascular health, enhance muscle tone, and contribute to better posture and balance. Moreover, the discipline and focus required in ballet classes gives mental clarity, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.
  2. Discipline and Time Management:
    Ballet is an art form that demands dedication, discipline, and commitment. By engaging in ballet classes alongside their regular school routines, students learn valuable life skills such as time management, goal setting, and perseverance. The structured nature of ballet classes teaches participants the importance of punctuality, following instructions, and working towards continuous improvement. These skills transfer to other aspects of their lives, enabling them to excel academically and in future professional endeavors.
  3. Social Development:
    Participating in ballet or any other outside school activity provides children with opportunities to interact with peers who share similar interests. This social environment allows them to develop friendships, build teamwork skills, and learn how to communicate effectively. In dance, students often work together in groups and perform in front of audiences helping with self-confidence. These experiences help children develop essential social skills that cannot always be acquired within the confines of a classroom.
  4. Creative Expression and Self-Identity:
    Dance encourages creative expression and allows individuals to explore their unique identities. Through graceful movements, dancers can convey emotions, tell stories, and express their inner selves. This creative outlet promotes self-discovery, self-expression, and nurtures the imagination of young minds. Engaging in ballet alongside school studies allows children to cultivate their artistic abilities, giving a well-rounded and multi-dimensional personality.
  5. Stress Relief and Balance:

    The demands of academic life can often be overwhelming for young students. Engaging in an outside school activity like dance provides a healthy outlet for stress relief and helps restore balance in their lives. Dance allows children to momentarily escape the pressures of school, homework, and exams, providing a sense of freedom and joy. The rhythmic movements and music in ballet/dance classes create a serene and calming environment, reducing anxiety and promoting mental well-being.

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s essential to consider the benefits of extracurricular activities like dance. Engaging in dance alongside school studies not only provides physical exercise and creative expression but also gives discipline, time management, social development, and stress relief. By embracing the perfect pairing of back to school and back to dance, parents can empower their children to lead balanced, fulfilling lives and set them on a path to success in various aspects of their lives.

So, as you prepare your child for the upcoming school year, consider enrolling them in ballet classes or any other outside school activity that aligns with their interests and passions. Embrace the opportunity to provide them with a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Remember, the goal is not to overwhelm children with a packed schedule but to find a healthy balance between academics and extracurricular pursuits. Encourage your child to explore different activities and discover what resonates with them the most. Whether it’s ballet, soccer, painting, or playing a musical instrument, the key is to find a sense of joy, personal growth, and well-being.

As a parent, you can support your child’s outside school activities by showing a genuine interest in their progress, attending their performances or competitions, and providing the necessary resources and encouragement. Emphasise the importance of commitment, responsibility, and time management, as these skills will serve them well throughout their lives.

Furthermore, collaborating with teachers and mentors from both the academic and extracurricular realms can create a harmonious environment that reinforces the values of hard work, dedication, and continuous learning. By working together, teachers and instructors can help students strike a healthy balance between their school responsibilities and their passion for dance or any other activity.

So, as you embark on this new school year, let Siegeris Dance in Wimbledon help merge the spirit of back to school and back to dance to create a vibrant and enriching experience for your child. Embrace the power of extracurricular activities and witness the positive impact it has on their overall growth and development.

Together, let’s support and encourage our young learners to explore their passions, unlock their potential, and find joy in the journey of education.

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