How do I book a free trial lesson?

Please fill in the free trial enrollment form on our website. Kindly give all details we ask for
and specify the class(es) that you are interested in as it helps us to find a suitable class for

Can I attend more than one free trial class?

You can attend 1 free trial class per genre. If you wish to attend a 2nd trial session in the
same genre, we will invoice you for it. The invoice will need to be paid before your next trial

How do I enroll for the class after the free trial lesson?

Please get in touch with the office via email to info@siegerisdance.com straight after your
trial session in order to give your advice of continuation as we will not hold your space if we
do not hear from.

What does enrolling with Siegeris Dance entail?

In order to enroll for our classes, we will need you to complete the enrollment form
(https://siegerisdance.com/free-trial-class/ ) and give your full contact details. Please choose
an email address you are happy with to receive all communication (invoices, newsletter, etc)
through, so that you will not miss out on any updates from our end.
Together with your first term fee we will charge you a £25 enrollment fee which includes a
Siegeris Dance t-shirt. The first term fee invoice requires a manual payment by debit/credit
card and will set up a membership for future terms as well as a standing order.
Do not forget to read our terms and conditions carefully, you can find them on our website
( https://siegerisdance.com/terms-and-conditions/ ).

What payment methods does Siegeris Dance accept?

We only accept manual payments by debit/credit card for your first term fee, workshop /
exam / show fees and direct debits for our termly subscriptions. Please see our terms and
conditions for further details ( https://siegerisdance.com/terms-and-conditions/ ).

Do I need to wear a uniform in class?

Yes, there is a certain dress code for the different genres and grades. All our ballet, tap,
modern, and contemporary dance classes for children require a uniform. You can find the
uniform cards on our website ( https://siegerisdance.com/uniforms/ ) and buy the items
through The Ballet Boutique in Wimbledon or Kingston ( https://ballet-boutique.co.uk/ ).

How many emergency contacts do I need to provide?

We need at least one emergency contact, which is usually the parent that books the free
trial class. But it has proven helpful to provide 2 (other parent/grandparent) or even 3
(grandparent/childminder) emergency contacts.

How long is a term?

Each term is 13 weeks long, with 12 weeks of classes and 1 week of half term. Our term
dates are displayed on our website together with our timetable
( https://siegerisdance.com/dance-classes/ ).

Where is Siegeris Dance based?

We run our classes at 10 different venues. You can find them on our website
( https://siegerisdance.com/locations/ ). By clicking on your preferred venue/s you can find out if we run the class there that you are interested in.

What dance genres do you offer?

We offer ballet, tap, modern, and contemporary dance.

Do you run beginner classes for adults?

We do not run beginner or advanced classes as such. Our adult students have been
attending their classes for a while and enjoy practicing/dancing together. Anyone is
welcome to join them as long as they are comfortable doing so. Our teachers are
experienced in catering for a group of mixed levels.

What happens if I miss a class due to i.e. illness?

You are welcome to arrange a catch-up class on a different day / at a different venue with us
during the same term. If you are unable to attend any of the available options, the class is
missed, we will not issue a refund or credit for that class.

As a potential new customer can I put my name on a waiting list for a particular class at a
particular venue?

Sure, that is not a problem at all. Please bear in mind though that some classes are busier
than others, which means you could be on the waiting list for a while. Also, existing
customers have priority. We recommend compromising for a couple of terms by attending a
class at a different venue until a place becomes available at your preferred one.

Is the timetable the same every term?

No, our timetable undergoes frequent changes due to groups of students moving up, rising /
falling student number, etc. We will always try to keep as similar as possible but cannot
guarantee that you will keep the same time slot / day / venue for more than one term.

Does Siegeris Dance guarantee a place in my preferred / a particular class?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee it, but we aim to be as accommodating as possible.
That is why we advise all our customers, whether existing or new, to look at alternative
classes to your preferred one. Once booked in for your second favourite class, we will put
you on a waiting list for your preferred one and be in touch as soon as soon as a place
becomes available.

Do I need to cancel my place in class if I do not wish to continue dancing with Siegeris
Dance in the new term?

Yes, if you do not wish to continue dancing with us the following term, you will need to
cancel your membership with us during half term of the running term to avoid a late
cancellation fee. Please see our terms and conditions for further details
( https://siegerisdance.com/terms-and-conditions/ ).

How can I cancel my membership?

You can only cancel your membership with Siegeris Dance by sending an email to

Am I eligible for any discounts?

If you wish to enroll two or more children with us, then the youngest child will receive a 10%
sibling discount on their fee. Twins receive a 10% twin discount on the total of their fees,
and if you attend three different genres, you will receive a 10% discount on the total of your
Multiple discounts are possible but only if you have two or more children signed up for two
or more classes.

Does Siegeris Dance offer holiday classes and who is allowed to join them?

We run Easter Workshops and a Summer School programme every year. You can find them
on our website
Everyone is welcome to join our holiday workshops, there is no previous dance experience