Our Classes

Pre School Ballet (3yrs - 4.5yrs)

A magical class that aims to capture and nurture young children’s instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression.

The Pre School classes are designed to enable children to participate in dance activities that are developmentally appropriate, helping to facilitate the learning of dance skills at a later age.

Ballet Classes (5yrs +)

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments which is designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability.

Students move up through Pre-Primary and Primary levels and then into eight Graded levels or six Vocational Graded levels.

Students may move from the Graded pathway to the Vocational Graded pathway at an appropriate time; or they may study both pathways simultaneously.

The Siegeris School of Dance will have an examination programme to suit all, whether students are new to ballet or already have dance experience.

 Tap/Modern Classes (4yrs +)

This combination class is for the beginners to experience and explore the common links of rhythm and improvisation shared by both genres. Once they have a good grasp of the basics, pupils are encouraged to build upon them and progress through the grades.

Beginning Tap can be quite a slow process, since it's necessary to work through the basics in a systematic manner. Learning it in combination with Modern helps to improve the posture and also provides a useful backing in performance skills.

Parents are invited to watch classes at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms.

*Please note:

A mandatory 4 terms must be completed before students will be considered for a RAD Ballet exam or an ISTD Tap/Modern exam.

Children develop at different rates and the teacher will advise parents when a pupil is ready to move up to the next level - the ages given are merely a guideline.

Parents are invited to watch classes at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms.

Adult Dance (Jazz and Tap) 

Adult Jazz class is suitable for anyone with or without previous dance experience, Charlotte who teaches the class makes sure everyone is catered for.

The class involves fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance.

Jazz is a wonderful class to get a well rounded variety of all dance steps.

Dancers will learn choreography to popular and age appropriate music of today along with vintage styles of jazz from the last decades.

This is a perfect class to start your dance training and a sociable group!

Adult Ballet Classes

Adult ballet is a perfect introduction to classical ballet technique. A fun, step by step guide, covering basic ballet positions and movements that will help you to improve your posture, co-ordination and strength. Suitable for beginners or those returning to ballet classes after a break.

Our ballet classes are focused around modern and classical practices. A typical class will include a barre warm up, barre exercises, centre and corner work with a short ballet combination of steps at the end of class. Work will include strengthening of legs and core muscles, posture and alignment, fluidity, balance and body awareness.

Adult Body Focus

Adult Body Focus is a combination of a Dance based warm up and Pilates mat work focusing on improving mobility, range of movement and strength though the body while incorporating correct breathing and use of the core. Body Focus encourages body awareness, correct muscle recruitment and positive movement patters in a friendly relaxing environment. Suitable for adults of all ages.


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